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Student Direct Stream - SDS

Is Canada’s Student Direct Stream right for you?

Studying in Canada has become an even more attractive proposition for residents of key Asian and African partner countries, thanks to the new Student Direct Stream (SDS Canada).

Under the Student Direct Stream, or SDS Canada as it’s also known, students residing in the Philippines, China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Morocco, or Senegal who demonstrate upfront that they have the financial resources and language skills to succeed academically in Canada benefit from faster processing times. The service standard for Canada’s Student Direct Stream processing is 20 calendar days.

To qualify for the Student Direct Stream in Canada, applicants need to meet additional requirements, in particular language levels that are stricter than regular study permit requirements. In addition, a core component for acceptance through the Student Direct Stream is submitting a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) showing you have an investment account with a balance of CAD $10,000 or higher.

Highlights of Student Direct Stream

A Legal Resident Living In One Of The Following Countries:

China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Vietnam.

If you live anywhere other than one of the countries listed above (even if you’re a citizen of one of the countries above), you must apply through the regular study permit application process.

  • Applicants must live outside Canada at the time of application
  • Acceptance letter from a designated learning institution in Canada.
  • Copy of your upfront medical exam confirmation document
  • GIC from one of Canada’s participating banks of $10,000. A GIC is a Canadian investment that has a guaranteed rate of return for a fixed period of time.
  • Proof that you’ve paid the tuition fees for your first year of study
  • Test to show intermediate proficiency in English or French (CLB7)
  • Valid academic qualification proofs
  • There should be an online application as paper application is not acceptable for the Student Direct Stream. The fees for applying online are $150.

Additional Benefits

If the applicant has aspouse or common-law partnerand dependent children their visa application will also be processed faster along with your application process.

Visitor Visa
Work Permit
Study Permit

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