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Services for international students in canada

International Student Services

  • Transferring college or course.
  • Extending study permits for existing or new college.
  • Applying post graduate work permit.
  • Finding employment to work on post study work permit leading to PR.
  • Providing assessment to file PR under all available provincial and federal options.
  • Filling permanent residency for students.
  • Extending stay in Canada upon expiration of post study work permit.
  • Students can invite their parents or other family members to attend their graduation.
  • Students can invite can their spouses to visit them.
  • Spouses of international students can get an open work of same length as of student’s study permit.
  • Co-op work permits for students.
  • Changing conditions on work or study permit.
  • Extending study permits.


It is important for all the international students to ensure that they have a valid Study Permit. You need to apply for extension at least 30 days before the expiry date of your study permit. We advise you to apply early as it can help you to remain in Canada under same conditions as your study permit until you receive a decision.

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